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Month: April 2016

Why Women Love Diamonds

If you think of a diamond as a scientific element, there is nothing too special about it, really. Technically, a diamond is just a piece of carbon that has undergone a certain process which has transformed it into a precious stone. But what makes it special is the time and devotion Mother Nature allotted to have them made. Natural diamonds take thousands of years to process, and this occurred in extremely high temperatures and very high pressure. Having the right elements of the environment will produce these wonderful objects of desire.

Diamonds are number one on most womens wish list. Men usually wonder why, but unexpected and unexplainable things happen, and men will find themselves peeping at the windows of expensive jewelry stores. Before they know it, they are holding out their credit cards. Why? They know the excitement on their woman’s face when they give them diamond jewelry.

Women love diamonds not only because they are expensive but because they are a thing of great beauty. They also hold a special meaning in their hearts. So whenever you give someone a diamond as a gift, it really makes her feel quite special.

Here are other reasons why women just love diamonds.

Diamonds are forever, literally. They stand the test of time and will not get damaged easily. Diamonds are strong and very durable, and can even be passed on from generation to generation without losing their beauty.

Diamonds can make a girl look really glamorous. Because it is an expensive gem, diamonds can make you shine and glitter all night long. Everybody just loves the classy effect of diamonds. They are best worn at night and you instantly are the center of attention at any social gathering. Diamonds can get attention and women just love them for it.

Women are pretty much like diamonds. They want to be taken care of and paid attention to. Diamonds require lots of care, love and attention. Women think that every time her man gives her a diamond, she is as precious as these expensive stones.

There is a certain pride and joy that diamonds can give. Wearing an exquisite and rare diamond around your neck or on your ring finger will definitely attract other women’s eyes. If women admire diamonds, they also definitely admire women wearing them.

Diamonds can give a woman fulfillment. Wearing a diamond has always been a young girl’s dream. Even if you are not the materialistic kind of person, a diamond in your possession can really make you feel special.

Diamonds can symbolize commitment. A guy giving a girl diamond means that he is ready to live his life with this particular girl.

The elegance of a diamond is a woman’s fancy because they are very classy as well as very feminine. You can wear them on special occasions and instantly grab the spotlight.

Women love diamonds for their beauty and for their fame. They may be quite expensive but these items of jewellery are well worth every cent.

The Role Of The Godparents In Weddings

The origins of the role of godparents in weddings are directly related to the practice of baptism and confirmation. By the second century AD baptisms were accepted as spiritual and social purification of infants and secondary parents or sponsors would enact to speak the childs part in the acceptance of God in life. This also was the case in Confirmation as the rites of Christian passage into adulthood and so for weddings as the couples union binds them together as one. As religion binds families and communities together, Godparenting became a lifetime commitment with a promise to care the religious upbringing of all the children of God. The common thread among all these is that in every rite of a new beginning a hierarchy of spiritual maturity is expected and in case that the parents of the child cannot fulfill this obligation then the people who stood side by side during the parents should be able to carry the duty. The Spanish words for the godparent roles are used for members of the wedding partypadrino meaning “godfather” or “best man” and madrina meaning “godmother” or “matron of honor”reflecting the custom of baptismal sponsors acting in this role in a couple’s wedding.

Much of the rites and rituals for weddings are drawn from the Anglo-Saxon age and have been intertwined with many other beliefs to which Christianity grew with during its formative years. From oral and written history it was drawn out that when there was a union to be held all sorts of charms, chants and prayers were alluded to the couple to grant them happiness, fertility and prosperity. This was the norm for most other rituals and passages.

In order to bestow all these good fortunes to the couple it was deemed necessary for the attendance of the wisest and the most learned people in the land. For these people not only can stand as a role model to achieve but can be consulted on to build an enduring married life. There was actually a period when validity of the marriage required the witnessing of consummation in the marriage bed. There was also a superstition that the brides under garments were also lucky items to be had. Unfortunately, the combination of gaiety and inebriation during this part of the ritual sometimes would get the bride physically hurt, as the witnesses would jostle for those lucky garters. This eventually led to another wedding rite tossing the garter, which actually was a bridal tactic for self-preservation.

There are many translations and semblances in many Christian sects and churches with the terms witness, sponsor and godparent, but generally the can be used interchangeably. Basically, if we refer back to the Greeks, the godparent was originally called a patronus which translates to a protector who was adopted by the Christian parents for the sake of the future of the child.

Only one godparent is necessary according to canon law 874, although both a godfather and a godmother are preferred. Nowadays it is very common to see multiple sets which is possibly brought about by the intention to creation a larger support group for new union. Not all marriages start with a formidable war chest so a strong web of sacred kinships can be alluded to as a formidable alternative.

In all sense of the word Godparents are guardians of the faith. In some cases they are enacted upon to actually co-sign as guarantors in the marriage certificate. The bride and groom should treat this role not merely as gift givers during nuptials; but as co-sharers to the promise of a lifetime of Christian commitment.

For godparents, it gives a person both a new and special status as a child of God and it makes a person a member of the Body of Christ, the Church so the choice is critically an important one, so if asked please carry on the responsibility with utmost care and consideration as you who can truly represent that Christian community. This is the gift that you bring, for you now hold a sacred place in the hearts of the couple.

Your Own Highly Profitable Catering Service

Of all home-based business, there is no question that the catering business is one of the most lucrative and profitable, along with having a high potential for expansion and growth that can be both fun and financially rewarding.

Whether you plan on catering events on a full-time or part-time basis, the opportunities are exceptional.

Each catered event, whether it may be an intimate candlelight dinner for two, or breakfast in bed, birthday parties for children, and company dinner parties for 100. Then, theres bound to be a wedding reception involving a hundred or more guests that will demand a new experience and challenge with another new group of people.

Alternatively, catering is demanding work, requiring staying power, combined with the willingness to work under pressure, and use of your people skills.

There is also no question the extent of your success will greatly depend on your personal reputation, and to develop a good reputation in your business, you must be willing to work hard and posses the talent to work under pressure.

The catering business is definitely growing and becoming more popular with all groups of people, at all income levels.
The Demand for Catering

According to the National Restaurant Associations recent findings, the demand for catering is greater than at any other time. The fact is, caterers are one of the fastest-growing sectors of the restaurant industry.

Catering sales are expected to continue to climb as more and more companies, corporations, civic groups, charities, and individuals call for caterers to host their events.

Such as. catered lunches, cocktail parties as well as dinner meetings to enhance their image and increase the company sales. Its all a matter of keeping up with the competition.

Todays, standard of living has given way to a growing demand for more and more quality food services. In fact, many working homemakers now employ a caterer to supply a magnificent and unforgettable feast for their guests, in place of them laboring for hours, even days, in the kitchen.

In addition, an ever-increasing number of working mothers are having catered birthday and graduation parties, as well as wedding receptions handled by these professionals.

The logic of this is simple, if both are working outside the home, today’s couple just does not have the time or the energy required for a outstanding party.

As a home-based business, catering is attractive because it offers an opportunity for starting a food service business with a much lower initial investment than opening a conventional restaurant.

You can start as small, or as big as your wallet will permit. Your start-up costs will quite naturally, depend on what you put in your kitchen and can range from only $1,000 a much larger amount should you decide to equip a professional kitchen.

Most caterers do their cooking on-site, either using their own facilities or that supplied by their clients. Yet, in any case, you would normally still need to do some prep-work in your own kitchen, for instance the pre-cutting vegetables, and so forth.

To keep your costs down, you can of course, choose to start your business by renting needed items. Such as, renting the part-time use of kitchen facilities, also utensils, china, tables, tablecloths and linens, and other staples.

Obviously, you can start acquiring your own equipment, but doing so only when you have steady and dependable income.
By renting supplies, equipment, and equipment you can use your first few months to build your image, while accumulating some capital for investment and expansion and evaluating how much time and money you want to invest.

Then too, you can also look at the start-up period as a time for uncovering the impact that this business may have on your family.
As To Income

Catering, much as any other business, requires outstanding management and organizational skills. So, your income potential will be contingent on the type and size of the events you serve.

Naturally, your ability to keep your operating costs low, while preserving a high quality service, is above all vital.

In surveying successful caterers across the nation demonstrate the reality that many began with zero capital by working out of their homes, and that their basic start up investment was around $500, while some funded their idea with as much as $15,000 or more in order to get a quicker start.

An in-demand caterer in a large metropolitan area can easily gross over $200,000 plus per year, while a small part-time caterer in a small town can rely on at least $50,000 per year, considered the best in the food and beverage industry.

To keep costs down, many use their house or apartment as their office, also, you can rent a kitchen in an area restaurant on certain days when you have catering events, in addition you can hire temporary help when needed.

Your Background
When considering catering as a profession, youll discover theres no need for any special training or education to become a successful caterer. At the same time, applying for some courses at vocational schools or culinary institutes can help.

Some people begin by working for one or more catering businesses to give themselves an inside look at how the business runs..
In the final analysis, your ultimate success will be precisely related to the consistency of your planning and the working of that plan.
My best advice, simply, understand exactly what your client wants, and give him what he wants.

(Cora Donnblue is the highly experienced and best selling author of, “Start Your Own Highly Profitable Home-Based Catering Business” a step-by-step guide valuable sound advice and practical guidance for easily and quickly creating your own successful business.)

Cora Donnblue

The Pebble Toss – A Celtic Wedding Tradition

The Pebble Toss is another Celtic wedding tradition tied heavily into the belief of sacredness of place, honoring one’s ancestors as well and honoring or at least diverting the ire of any of the fairy folk. This is in tune with the whole ‘wishing well’ phenomena as well.

In today’s parlance, it is all about luck and wishing the happy couple good fortune and prosperity. As with the Oathing Stone, well wishes, prayers and happy hopes for the couple are placed into a stone or in some cases, just thinking them was enough while holding a small stone. Next this stone is tossed into a nearby body of water such as a river, stream, lake, a well and so forth.

These symbolic tokens would please the ancestral spirits of the place who would then also add their blessing to the couple. Sometimes other small gifts would be offered as well, such as coins, food, drink and other items.

No one knows exactly how far back this practice goes but it seems to go back into prehistory, back when giants were often thought to rule the lands and even create them, such as the Goddess Cailleach, who would carry stones in her apron and when it would inevitably tear, the stones would fall, often creating mountains or trails of boulders we now attribute to the action of glaciers. In Scotland at least, moving across the British Isles and even into Galatia in Spain, such offerings are an appeasement to her for she was considered a rather vain being who’s ire it was good not to attract.

Sometimes, such gifts were given to appease trickster spirits of the fae who might wish to bring harm to the couple or jinx their chances at having children or be prosperous.

In the more modern version of this tradition, a helper may present a tray to each person in the wedding party who will then select a stone, make their prayer or wish and then cast their stone into the well, river or lake, adding their blessing to those of the bride and the groom. Often the stones may be colorful tumbled stones or simple little river pebbles.

This tradition obviously has it’s roots with the Oathing Stones, or perhaps the other way around, or perhaps they simply coincide. Whatever the case, seeking the blessing for the happy couple from the Otherworld was a time honored practice. So many wedding traditions are centered around this, it is often hard to keep track of them all.

Weddings are a time of seeking blessings of prosperity, happiness and a strong and vital lineage for the future. This is one reason why we have weddings. It is a communal event to celebrate a joining and all that it promises for the future. We want the best that can happen for all concerned.

The Pebble Toss, like dropping pennies into a wishing well or Oathing the Stone, throwing a bouquet, tossing coins rice, or other favors to the attendees, providing a fabulous feast and gifting the less fortunate from one’s old leavings of clothes and so forth is another way to bring blessing and prosperity to the newlyweds and to their lineage for years to come.

Why Weddings In Hawaii Are Perfectly Romantic

Hawaii is one of the most romantic places, a Polynesian paradise on earth with its breathtakingly dramatic scenery, pristine rainforests, beautiful beaches, dramatic sunsets, world-class hotels and a serene atmosphere. You can spend your destination wedding in your very own intimate and private oasis. If you are planning a Hawaii wedding, it is the ultimate getaway for couples who will get everything they could wish for and more!

Why is Hawaii one of the worlds most popular wedding destinations? Its simply because couples can get married in style in different backdrops and settings straight out of a fairytale. You and your better half can exchange vows on the beach, a hotel gazebo or near a spectacular hillside.

Every bride wishes for an unforgettable proposal. So where will you pop the question to make it really memorable? Hawaii offers six islands with the most idyllic settings for a dream wedding. You can promise your love for each other in a chapel overlooking a picture-postcard perfect seaside or pop the question in Kauai’s lush Kalalau Valley surrounded by endless natural beauty. Picture yourself renewing your vows on Waikiki Beach with gentle, calm waves as surfers ride them in the distance. You can whisk your lover away to the mysterious beauty of the island of Molokai. Spend your honeymoon in a romantic lodge, soaking up the sun on the white sandy beaches on the island of Lanai. Take a scenic drive with your spouse on the Road to Hana in the island of Maui, which promises the worlds best sceneries on the way with lush forest, bridges, canvases covered in waterfalls and a national park in between. To celebrate your timeless love, head to Hawaii Island, where you will find a striking contrast of black lava sand beaches, unique coves and the deep blue ocean. Other distinctive wedding settings can include a 2-3 day cruise or for the more adventurous, a helicopter ride to the mountains or an underwater wedding ceremony wearing scuba diving gear.

Hawaii is truly the place for picture-perfect celebrations, which will be romantic and special for couples on their wedding day. Your wedding in Hawaii will bring back magical memories of your special day that will last forever.

Why Not Try Salwar Kameez As The Best Design In Your Wedding Dress

Are you one planning to do a wedding and wondering the kind of wedding gown to purchase? Try Salwar Kameez which is among the best designed gowns for weddings. In Indian culture, this design of wedding sarees is preferably used and is made from special designers who have the right skills and expertise. If you are in India, visit a bazaar which stocks designer salwar kameez. Among the many Indian Saris you can get in many shops dealing with making and selling wedding gowns in India include; Anarkali Salwar Suit, Patiala Salwar Kameez, Churidar Salwar Kameez and many others. When orders have been made on the wedding dresses, delivery is done to the customers doorstep thus saving them a lot of transport and other expenses to be incurred.

On top of Salwar Kameez, other wedding saris one can get from the most retail outlets in India are;

1.Serene OffWhite Cotton Salwar: This is one of the exclusive collections of suits one can ever get from most shops and its demand is very high globally. It is made with a lot of modernity which is the many peoples choice more especially when it is worn. Usually come in the market with many colors, designs and texture thus leaving customers with a choice of selecting the best.

2.Yellow Cotton Churidar Kameez: It usually made with yellow colors which are brought about by its flowers, geometric print and patch work. With different designs, one can distinguish them through color and patch patti of which one can get them in various dimensions.

3.Black Faux Georgette Churidar: Black in color and it has different patch works, sequins, resham and colors. Mostly when sold; many accompaniments are provided where one has to buy so that they can match. This type of salwar kameez is made in various dimensions which are brought about by fabric limitations and one can differentiate various designs in terms of color and patch patti patterns.

4.Deep Green and Pink Cotton Frock Style: This is a type of churidar kameez with very nice designs of floral prints, resham and patch patti work. All these help in adding some extra class to the kameez designs and others one can get together with these are pink cotton and crush cotton which are available in large stocks.

5.Cream Cotton Salwar Kameez: This is nicely designed with floral and spiral prints. People can find many designs and styles which come along with this including blue salwar and dupatta designs. It usually unstitched made in various dimensions with different colors.

6.Beige and Blue Crepe Silk Salwar Kameez: This is one of the amazing offers you can ever get in many stocks and shops which are embroidered with resham, sequins, zari and patch work in form of floral and paisley designs. Many designs which accompany this are blue faux chiffon dupatta and shantoon salwar usually in various dimensions and styles. There are slight variations in color and patti pattern one can get from the outlets.

The types of Indian Sarees mentioned are just a few since there are so many of them you can get in many shops and manufacturers. Due to this and most of them look alike, it is vital for the customer to mention the designer of the Salwar Kameez when he or she wants to purchase them and other sarees online for easy identification and sorting.

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