For those of you who are getting married, the photo is the one thing that is important to be prepared. But without realizing the bride, there are things that can make the wedding photos to be imperfect. Here it is 10 fault it.

For those of you who are getting married, the photo is the one thing that is important to be prepared properly. Moreover, the photo will be memories for you and your partner for life. But unnoticed by both the prospective bride and groom, there are things that can make the wedding photos to be imperfect. Here comes ten mistakes that:

1. Not smart to choose a photographer
Before deciding who the photographer is lucky shot of you and your partner, use time wisely to not just have a look, but
also observe their portfolio. If the photographer without the experience and expertise that either you choose to save money, be prepared to bear the risk.
If the vendor you seek photos currently not willing to give the flexibility to choose a photographer that you believe in his ability, do not hesitate to seek again.

2. Less chance to brainstorm
You know, everything is planned well it will produce something better jauuuuh too. For that, try to make time to exchange ideas with the photographer you choose. Do not hesitate to reveal anything that you would expect from him. One week before D-Day, remind the photographer about the plans that have been discussed previously. If you have a more specific request, other ideas to be realized, or what things were actually not to enter into photographs perkwainan you, express it. This is quite important because there are several places of worship that have areas should not be photographed.

3. There are no photo ‘Wish List’
Ever had a dream of a romantic picture taken on top of a hill, in the middle of the field / paddy? Or in the middle of the hustle and bustle of big city traffic? Show pictures
in magazines, old photos, or other visual images that could help the photographer to capture and translate your expectations. Well, since you
express what you want, then the photographer is obliged to fulfill your expectations.

4. Only perpetuate pose or a specific event
Every wedding photo album definitely has the photos to pose formal or official occasions of a wedding party. But you do not have to stop and
equate pictures of your wedding with the bride belongs to another. Have pictures of you and he do a relaxing activity such as dancing, chatting with invited guests, or simply exchanged glances with him in the aisle. Moments relaxed and simple, but no less meaningful.

5. When a less precise
The sun was shining, the sky is blue, you might think this is a good time to take pictures. But, please think about it. The sun is shining create harsh shadows and sharp on the face. And this will result in a bad photo. Be patient until the afternoon sun appears.

6. Shown sweaty and greasy in photos
Anyone know, standing side by side long enough to wear the wedding dress will increase body temperature. But do not let the skin
plus oily sweat (especially in the armpit area) trashing your special appearance. Provide reinforcements in the form of powder, deodorant, and a small towel as the savior of your appearance.

7. Many plans, little time
It took a lot of time to capture images of all family members, arrived at several different locations where photos and get the best photos of your and
pair. Simplify your life and be kind to give him enough time photographer. Arrange for family photographs precedence. Starts with
small children and old people. Next, take pictures with family and friends. Recently (when the guests have started more berkonstrasi on the buffet menu at the table), provide time for you and your beloved husband took a picture together.

8. One position, one pose
After some pictures, maybe guests, you and he began to die style. At moments such as this is dangerous is important that the photographer can keep the atmosphere alive, make you and your guests to stay focused, photogenic, and above all, stay comfortable.

9. Loss of small moments nan specials
There are several processions in a wedding as the bride’s first kiss, the first dance between the bride with her father, cutting
cake and throwing a bouquet of flowers. But, often moments of simple (but no less poignant) as a shy smile the little girl carrying flowers, tears of joy from his friend, and even him tenderly gleaming forgotten.

10. Stop shooting precisely at the right time
Many bridal couples decide that 21.00 is the right moment to end the show. As well as activity-photographing portraits.Try
be bride different because even in the hours after 21:00, special moments arise unexpectedly